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Dash Go kart Race Shoes Standred Kids / Adults

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Go kart Race  actually touched on a lot of the overall benefits of go-kart boots in the previous section about boot styles, but I really wanted to have a separate section considering all of the benefits to wearing function-specific boots overall.

If you only hop into a go-kart once in a blue moon with some friends, you’ll be totally fine with wearing a pair of sturdy sneakers; high top or otherwise, with the laces kept out of the way.

But, if you go more frequently than that, I really can’t stress the importance of purpose-made footwear enough! Not only will you look the part in a pair of awesome boots, but the safety benefits and overall competitive edge you’ll get is worth the money you’ll spend.

  • Racing Feel: The sole of karting boots is thin and designed for the driver to have complete control of their kart. Reacting faster to changes you can feel in your kart is not only essential from a safety stand-point, but it’s pretty crucial if you want to be over-taking and speeding around the track!
  • Reliable Support: Not moral support, of course, but ankle and foot support! You might think that kart boots feel too hard to really be comfortable, but that firmness of material is designed to properly hold and support your feet. That isn’t to say that the shoes should cut off blood flow, so always make sure to try boots on or get your feet measured for a proper fit.
  • Light as a Feather: No matter how big your feet are, holding a pair of kart boots always feels as if they’re not even in your hands. The fact that they’re lightweight will give you an edge on the track because weight in karting really does count! If you’re the same weight as a lot of racers but they’re all bundled up in heavy gear, you’ll beat them out in straight-line speed if you’re in full kart attire.
  • Safety First: While karting doesn’t have high fire risks, it’s a pretty dangerous motorsport if you don’t go prepared. Kart boots are designed to keep your feet safe in a collision; whether from high heat or abrasion. Normal shoes just won’t cut it!
  • Combating the Elements: One of the biggest things about karts is the fact that its ‘cockpit’ is open to anything and everything mother nature will throw at it! Karting boots are designed with waterproof materials and will make it easier to keep your grip on the pedals even if the heavens have opened; avoiding accidents and keeping you in peak racing condition.
  • Race Requirement: If you’re looking to take part in kart races, it’s actually required for you to wear a pair of karting boots to even take part! This is designed to even the playing field somewhat and meet safety regulations of varied kart safety organizations.

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